Why Rahul Gandhi loses Amethi

The lack of organizational network and a strong disconnect with the rural population led to the defeat of the Congress president, which has been described as the party’s stronghold till now.

With the lack of organizational network and a strong disconnect with the rural population, the fall of the Congress stronghold Amethi, which has been loyal to the Gandhi family since 1980.

Bharatiya Janata Party’s Smriti Irani defeated Congress chief and current MP Rahul Gandhi by a margin of 55,120 votes.

However, the old old party was winning the seat comfortably, but without the support of the winning party organization Gandhi was due to the charisma and name of the Gandhi family.

In the 2014 Lok Sabha election, Gandhi defeated Irani with 1,07,903 votes.

On the first real challenge, after a campaign by Irani, the fort of the Congress got stumbled when it created and strengthened its organization in this dusty constituency 120 km away from the state capital.

The constituency also said that although Rahul Gandhi was a frequent visitor during the three working days as a Member of Parliament, he had not reached remote areas and had failed to make contact with those people in rural areas.

Sailon Navi Wholesalist Neel Singh said, “Rahul used to land at Fursatganj airport and used to go straight to Amethi and all his activities were limited to them. When they did not give enough time, how would they get votes?” Mandi area.

Indicating that Rahul’s involvement with voters was superficial, Raju Solanki, who runs a tea shop in a saloon bus stand, said, “This is a team of his advisers who have spoiled their opportunities.

“Their programs were finalized around main areas and highways, but in contrast, Smriti reached the villages and houses in the villages directly to communicate with them directly, seeking votes for the development and change, and benefitted through it. ,” They told.

Local people feel that Priyanka’s presence did not make any difference as her programs were finalized by those who were not aware of constituency.

A local player, Raj Raj said, “You do not get votes by just waving hands and walking on the streets in big vehicles.”

Kishori Lal, a strong Congress supporter, said that the new generation in the constituency is not aware of the work done by Congress for the development of the region and hence the youth were removed from the “sale of their plans of BJP”.

“The youth here do not know that this was the usar (barren) land that was treated during the tenure of Rajiv Gandhiji and he got away from the BJP’s propaganda, and the way he actually sold the plans of the central government. , “Lal claimed.

Asha Singh of Pipri village said that Smriti went to every village panchayat for the Iranian canvas and it appears that he has influenced.

Apart from this, they think that local party leadership and Rahul Gandhi’s staff had adopted very high attitude towards the people.

Political pundits say that the process of defeat of Congress in Amethi started with its loss in the assembly elections.

In the 2017 UP Legislative Assembly elections, Congress failed to win a single seat, though four in the BJP Lok Sabha constituency and the Samajwadi Party managed to win one seat.

Even in the 2012 assembly elections, the Congress had only one seat – Jagdishpur – while the rivals had occupied the remaining seats.

“Congress leadership did not pay attention to corrective measures despite poor performance in the assembly elections. It does not understand.”

Union Minister Irani said on Friday that her victory was not “rocket science” because people in the Lok Sabha region wanted a representative who would work for them for the next five years.

His victory was due to the development agenda of the Modi government, he said that the people of Amethi had voted for BJP in large numbers in 2014 and trusted them and they had worked to maintain their faith in the last five years.

Rahul Gandhi lost his family’s bastion of Amethi by a margin of 55,120 votes.

Updated: May 30, 2019 — 6:38 am

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