Shah, once again proved to be Chanakya

To understand the Chanakya of Amit Shah of BJP, it is necessary to know a couple of incidents – Shiv Sena had been struggling for the last two and a half years, every moment felt that this old-time friend is more bitter than the enemy. Meanwhile, a start of the Lok Sabha election started, Shah tweeted and informed that he is going to Mumbai and also meet Shiv Sena president Uddhav Thackeray. People in the party were wondering how to make this program one-off after all. There was a stir in Maharashtra unit because he did not know whether there was any talk of Shah and Thackeray regarding this. However, Shah reached Mumbai, went to Thakre’s house and within one and a half hours it was decided that both the friends would be thrown into the ground only by handing each other’s hands. The result is in front of today.

This pair again defeated Maharashtra. It was a sample that if Shah is successful then it is his ability that he does not panic by taking risk too and also has the ability to make immediate decisions. See another episode – There is a fast start of membership campaign across the country. In Andhra Pradesh, even if the number of BJP members becomes four times, the Chief Minister and NDA partner Chandrababu Naidu indirectly raises this question in front of Shah. It is obvious that he is upset with the BJP’s growing power. Shah does not hesitate to tell the BJP that the party is a different party and it will increase its power. Friendship and cooperation are different and the party’s expansion is different.

As party president, almost five years of Shah has been completed and in these years, such incidents will be in hundreds. Actually, they are the qualities that make them invincible Chanakya of current politics. It is also important to know that Shah is one of the few leaders who will get Chanakya photo in the drawing room. He has been passionate about chess since childhood, and while living in Gujarat, he also kept trying to teach chess to children so that he can learn the art of life. Perhaps they have absorbed it so much that now they set a difficult target for themselves and then break them. They are fought by themselves. Otherwise, there was no reason that by deciding the huge target of 282 seats in 2014, he set a goal of 300 crossed and then even after completing Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s miraculous personality and skill.

Indeed, Shah is among the few people who recognize the person as well as the opportunity. He believes that new symbols can be fabricated. Shah’s eyesight is behind the embarrassment of Amethi from the Gandhi family, the loss of the Scindia family in Guna, Bhopal, in front of the disputed image of former Chief Minister Digvijay Singh, it is possible for the BJP to cast Prakash Thakur, a symbol of Hindutva. Nirahua may have lost in front of SP President Akhilesh Yadav from Azamgarh today, but he was not made the candidate only because he is a popular Bhojpuri singer. For a year and a half, he was tested at different places before and then dropped to the ground. The essence is that Shah does not believe in improper tendencies. Every decision has a lot of hard work and strategy. Today, there is a mention of Modi-Shah pair, so there are reasons behind this. Both are symbols of the prominent Hindutva and the Karmayogi too. The mutual understanding and reconciliation of both of them is so precise that things can happen in eyes and eyes. Both are such workers who are not only sitting 24 hours in their field but also on the same criteria as the team’s choice. The members of his team also have to meet the same stringent criteria.

According to Bhupendra Yadav, an important member of the Shah’s team and general secretary, ‘Amit Shah ji’s life is of an organization servant worker party worker. While organizing the organization as a booth in Ahmedabad, he has come to the national president. Under his leadership, the organizational expansion of the BJP got a new dimension. His methodology as a president is exemplary for any worker. “This statement is from a party worker but the fact is that the non-political person from Shah can also feel it.

Updated: May 30, 2019 — 6:38 am

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