What does Modi think?

Prime Minister Narendra Damodardas Modi led the front to win an unprecedented second term in the 2019 general election. He has shown that he is a handsome leader who, instead of wasting time on explaining his failures, does not hesitate to spread his successes. The results of the 2019 election clearly show that for opposition […]

BJP’s Rs 100-lakh-crore infrastructure dream is possible only with private help, financial reform

The BJP’s manifesto promises to spend Rs 100 lakh crore on infrastructure in the next five years. This can happen only when there is an increase in private partnership, for which India needs to improve the financial sector, which encourages the creation of domestic long-term savings pool for investment in infrastructure projects. The target of […]

Year after the historical circular, debate over the powers of RBI to regulate is still in confusion

Reserve Bank of India’s circular issued on February 12 last year was one of the most important central bank circulars in recent years. It eliminated various loan restructuring schemes and banks needed to take the defaulter through the bankruptcy process. After years of closing the road, the banks were forced to identify non-executed assets. Circular […]

‘There is no such thing as just another treble’: Celtic Scott Brown intends on Trumping Hearts for a remarkable-direct broom

Yet another Celtic confirmation function? Or can you defeat both odds and holders in Hartsen Park? There are questions that will cheer up every legend of fans because they will be gathering for the William Hill Scottish Cup final for the first time from two showpiece events in Glasgow on Saturday. Speculators estimate that, while […]