A glimpse of change in ethos as well as in Indian politics in the election results

The results of the general elections point to change in Indian politics as well as in ethos. After seeing these results, it seems that women have now been able to express their views by ignoring the wishes and decree of the male members of their household or family. In most of these elections, most women voted in favor of Narendra Modi. The women of the country primarily stamped the favor of giving second term to Prime Minister Narendra Modi for two reasons. One, bright plan, due to which millions of women in the rural areas got rid of the suffocation of smoke in their kitchen. Secondly, due to the formation of toilets in every house, they got rid of embarrassment and difficulty of going out for defecation.

We know that there has been a tradition of going for open defecation in villages since ancient times. Women were also not untouched by this. But in the daylight, they were hesitant to get a water box or a bottle in the hand and go to the toilet. They either left for it in the early morning or waited for evening to fall. Even then, they had to keep the age of elderly in mind, as well as the fear of the stray boys, who followed them or someone else was misleading with them. In the daytime, in front of the elderly people of his village, there is also a shame in walking and carrying a water box. Because of this, many times they have to evade their defecation action even when they are necessary. It also has to withstand physical side-effects. First of all, in the early 1970s, Peelu Modi had suggested discussions with the then Home Minister Chaudhary Charan Singh and make the toilets in the villages, but then it was not brought to trial. The work started seriously in the year 2014 when the Modi government came to power in the center.

Prime Minister Modi took the initiative to make the country clean by saying that this will be a true tribute to the Father of the Nation, Mahatma Gandhi. He even said in his first address to the ramparts of the Red Fort as Prime Minister, that he thinks that our mothers and sisters have to undergo much trouble because of not having toilets in their homes. After this, a tremendous campaign was launched in this direction and today we know how much relief women have received from building a home and toilets in the village.

Millions of poor women of the country got a second hand transfer of free gas connection from the Modi Government in the direction of making life easier. Till now, he had to cook food between his family’s suffocation on a wooden stove, which also affected his health. But getting the free gas connection under Modi’s government’s bright plan makes his life easier.

Muslim women also voted independently when they went against the will of their family members, as is evident from the BJP’s rise in many Muslim-dominated areas. Muslim women were always surrounded by uncertainty about their married life due to three divorce practices. The Modi government understood this problem of Muslim women and adopted a clear stance on this. On the petition of some Muslim women, when the Supreme Court declared the practice of three divorces simultaneously in Muslim society, the Modi government brought a bill in Parliament in this regard too. When this bill was stuck in the Rajya Sabha, the Modi government did not even bother to bring an ordinance on it. This certainly made a good image of the Modi Government in the mind of Muslim women. Modi had also campaigned for the education of Muslim girls while being the Chief Minister of Gujarat. It has been conveyed to the Muslim women that they are also a person who is free thinking and their role is not limited to assuming only chauka chaukha and generating children. Today 96 percent of children are going to school, which shows that a large number of Muslim girls are also pursuing education. This is a major social improvement. Modi did not leave any chance to show that he is worried about every citizen, regardless of his religious priorities. It is an attitude that was not seen in the old BJP. The results also showed that the period of politics based on racism, classism and regionalism has passed. They eliminated the domination of casteist politics in the states of Uttar Pradesh and Bihar from 1990.

Updated: May 30, 2019 — 6:38 am

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